Lomond Oct 10,
Lomond main street in 1921.

The Hanna side of the family came to Alberta from Nova Scotia 1906 and filed for a homestead in the Lomond district in 1907.  The original Hanna farm in Nova Scotia is still operating to this day by Hanna descendants.  The original Hanna farmstead near Lomond was in the 16-20 township.
Noris Hanna
Norris Hanna operated a taxi service in the summer of 1914 bringing homesteaders and supplies out from High River.
Norris Hanna was born in Halfway River, Nova Scotia on July 19, 1886.  Alberta was born on September 8, 1894, in Methwin, Manitoba and was the daughter of Sara and Ward Badgley. The Badgley family moved from Manitoba to Red Pass, Alberta where Ward became a forest warden.  Norris Hanna married Alberta Badgley on June 25, 1918 and had two girls, Ethel and Raalte.  Norris lived in Lomond and farmed near Lake Mcgregor.  Norris was a very busy man not satisfied with just farming he took on other responsibilities with imperial oil as an agent, being an active member with the Masonic Lodge and a serving as a warden with the Anglican church. He was also the mayor of Lomond for many years and an elevator agent for Terwilliger at first then for United Grain Growers for over 30 years until he retired in 1951.
Hanna Family
The Hanna family in 1954, Norris in the middle back with Marie and Doug Bolduc in the front.

Ethel Hanna was born in Lomond on May 20, 1921.  She attended the Lomond Consolidated School up until grade 11 and took her grade 12 at Crescent Heights School in Calgary.  She then went on to the University of Alberta and graduated with a bachelors degree in home economics with honors.  She then attended radio college and became a operator with the Royal Air force Transportation Command and was posted at Gander airbase until 1945.
Frank Bolduc
            harvest crew in the Barrhill area during 1908.
Frank Bolduc harvest crew in the Barhill area during the 1908 season.

In 1907, the Bolduc side of the family moved to Alberta near Barhill from Todd county Minnesota.  Frank and Celina Bolduc had three sons Frank, Medus, and William.  Medus was born  in Ishpeming, Michigan on April 29, 1887.  In the summer of 1911 Medus Bolduc traveled back to Osakis, Minnesota and married Katie Harsh on August 1, 1911. Katie, the daughter of Florence and Sylvester Harsh of Osakis, was born on February 17, 1888.  They moved to the Travers area around 1918.  In 1926, they built the Sweet Valley Farm homestead north of Travers.  Medus opened the IHC dealership in Travers in 1928 and purchased the first diesel tractor in the area.  Medus and Katie had two sons, Floyd and Billie and farmed in the Travers area until 1954 when they sold their farm and retired.
Medus and Katie Bolduc 1911
Medus and Katie Bolduc 1911

Billie Bolduc was born April 4, 1917 at Barhill.  In his early years he attended the Grand Springs, Prairie Queen, Sweet Valley and Travers schools.  He also helped out on his father's farm along side his brother Floyd.  In the mid 30's, he took a job as a lease rider when the first community pasture opened and was able to raise enough money to start buying some land and cattle of his own.  In 1940, he bought some registered Herefords and put them under the name of Sweet Valley.

On October 23, 1948, at St. Augustine's Anglican church in Lethbridge, Billie and Ethel were married. They had two children, Marie and Doug.  They farmed south of Lomond raising registered Hereford cattle and they also had a large Shetland pony herd.  They raised herfords from 1940 through 1975 and became a member of the Quarter Century Herford Club.  During this time they sold cattle into every province across Canada, some into the United States and even as far away as Russia.  In 1971, they imported their first Limousin cow and fell in love with the breed.  From this point on they started to breed, show, and sell their Limousin herd with great success right up into the mid 90's.  In the early 1970's, they put up some of the first central irrigation pivots in the area.  In 1980, they moved from their original farm to the Lake McGregor farm.  Both Billie and Ethel were heavily involved with the 4-H program from being leader to hosting provincial events.  Billie belonged to the Lomond Lions Club and Ethel belonged to the Lomond Community Club.  Both stayed on as members even after they retired to Lethbridge in 1996.

Billie, Ethel, Marie and Douglas
              Bolduc 1950
Billie and Ethel with Marie and Douglas Bolduc

Marie Bolduc was born in the late 1940's.  She attended school in Lomond and later went on to attended the University of Calgary where she obtained her BSc.  This is were she met her future husband, Glenn Logan.

Glenn was born in Outlook, Saskatchewan in the late 1940's to Charlie and Kathleen Logan.  Charlie was in the Second World War and was a Sergeant with the Royal Canadian Engineers.  He was in stationed Europe and was part of the advanced division.  Responsible for building river crossings and roads for the advancing infantry and also being some of the first into  concentration camps to deal with the aftermath.  During this time, he drove an armored cat tractor that was designed to clear roads and get through road blocks.  He was wounded twice, shot at and dive bombed more than once.  After the war, it took a long time (three years for Charlie) to get all the troops out of Europe and during this period he opened a restaurant in Pairs.  After the war he settled in Bounty, Saskatchewan, and went to work for the school division and worked his way up to superintendent of maintenance.  Kay was busy with the clubs of Bounty and was the town administrator for many years.

At the University of Calgary, Marie studied biology while Glenn took engineering with a minor in the arts.  In 1972, they were married.  They moved back to the Lomond area and started farming south east of Lomond.  They grew many different kinds of crops including corn and raised Limosin cattle as well.  They had two children, Douglas and Tamara.  Both children attended the Lomond school and then went on to further education in Lethbridge. In 1980, Glenn and Marie moved to Billie and Ethel's farm south of Lomond.  From this point on the farm began to grow and in 1988 it was decided to go into pedigreed seed.  In the following years, a bulk storage site was built followed by a cleaning and drying facility.

Billie and
              Ethel Bolduc and Family 1953
Billie & Ethel Bolduc along with the Hanna and Bolduc Sides of the family in 1953.

After graduating from grade 12, Doug attended the University of Lethbridge were he majored in biological sciences with an interest in the arts and during this time he also took agricultural courses from the college.  During the summers, he worked at the Lethbridge Research station where he worked full time for a few years as a lab technician after he was done his schooling.  In his 2nd year at University he had the good fortune to meet Heather Van Keulen.

Heather was born in Edmonton in the mid 1970's to John and Jenny Van Keulen.  Both John and Jenny were born in Holland and John has many memories from his childhood there.  John was a district agriculturalist in Medicine Hat for many years and eventually retired in Lethbridge along with Jenny.  Heather took her Bachelor of Nursing at the University and College and graduated with honors as a registered nurse.

Heather and Doug were married in 1995 and in 1996 moved to Billie and Ethel Bolduc's place over looking Lake McGregor.  Heather got a job with the Vulcan Public Health Unit and Doug returned to the farm.  Over the next few years, they had four children, Hannah, Hailey, Samuel and Jaxon.  Both Heather and Doug are active in farm operations.
Billie and
              Floyd in 1924
Billie and Floyd Bolduc helping with the farm work in 1924 at the Travers Farm.

Tamara Logan also attended the University of Lethbridge were she majored in biology.  Upon her graduation she moved to Calgary to work on her PhD in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases.  During this period, she was approached through a hobby of hers to teach a class at a local store.  Within the year, she was COO of the company overseeing the wholesale division (shipping orders globally to companies) and retail division of four Alberta stores. While living in Calgary she met her future husband, Shin.

Shin Okubo was born in Lethbridge in the mid 1970's to Yoshinori and Sumiko Okubo.  Both parents were born and raised in Japan.  After moving to Canada, they eventually settled on a farm in the Picture Butte area raising their seven children.  The children attended school in Iron Springs, Picture Butte, and Lethbridge.  Shin went on to University of Lethbridge, Olds College, and SAIT where he received his ag diploma and a business diploma.  Upon graduation he returned to the farm to manage operations.

Tamara and Shin were married on January 5th, 2005 and are currently living on the Okubo farm site.  Over the next few years they had three children, Ava, Maxton and Kale.  Tarmara and Shin are active in both farming operations.