Bolduc and a load of hay for feeding the cattle during the
  Medus Bolduc with a truck load of loose grass hay for feeding the cattle during the winter.

Straw - During the fall harvest Wheatcrest Farms uses up all of our own excess straw and buys straw from neighboring farms and bales it up into large 4x4x8 bales.  We have two balers that follow the combines through the season.  Following the balers is our stacking crew that brings the bales to the edge of the field and stacks them there until the winter when we can load them on our trucks and delivery them to our customers.  We have wheat, barley, oat, and flax straw available and most of the straw is conventional straw along with some rotary.  We have two super-b units that we haul with and can deliver 48 bales per load.
Billie Bolduc
              loading hay useing a farm-hand.
Billie Bolduc loading hay onto a waiting truck using a farm hand equipped tractor.

Alfalfa hay - We have alfalfa hay in some of our rotations under pivot irrigation.  We can get up to four cuts a year if we are really lucky but usually only three.  We round & square bale this hay and tarp it.  Call us today for availability and to come take a look at it.

- Even though we are a pedigreed seed operation we usually have a variety of commercial grain for feed or elevator delivery.  Please get in contact with us to check out what current inventory levels are as they are constantly changing.
Pileing grain
              on the ground during the 1952 harvest.
Piling grain on the ground during the 1952 harvest.

Cattle - After the cattle come in from the fall pastures we wean the calves and start them on feed in our feedlot.  We often sell a few of these calves for 4-H calves and usually have some Limousin yearling bulls and heifers for sale.  We also usually have some steers that are fattened if you are looking to fill your deep freeze up.