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              getting the team ready for field work.

Medus Bolduc getting ready for spring field work in 1908.

Spring Wheat Varieties

Cardale(CWRS) A new hard red spring wheat variety   Cardale has a higher yield potential, better rust resistance and general disease tolerance.  We had great success with this variety and were very impressed with its potential.  It stood up well and was a nice thick, even crop, great for straight cutting.

Carberry is an awned, semi-dwarf CWRS variety that when compared to Superb has similar grain yield, higher grain protein potential, shorter, stronger straw and much better fusarium head blight resistance. Carberry is equal in maturity to Superb and has good sprouting resistance indicated by a high falling number.  Carberry also provides resistance to leaf rust, stem rust, common bunt and loose smut. This variety is well-adapted across western Canada but will be especially attractive to wheat producers in the high yielding areas of the Prairies who desire a short, strong-strawed variety with good FHB resistance.

Muchmore  CWRS  - An awned semi-dwarf that delivers high yield, great standability and a comprehensive disease package. It is ideal for high fertility management programs.  Yields 110% of Barrie and easy to thresh with its short straw.  It is also resistant to leaf and stem rust and some resistance to stripe.

Pasteur  A high yielding general purpose wheat that is similar to a soft wheat in length of growing season.  You can expect yields being 20% higher than that of a typical CWRS

CDC Go  A semi dwarf CWRS wheat with good lodging resistance and high yield potential.

AAC Elie  - is a high-yielding, strong-strawed, semi-dwarf CWRS variety with broad-based disease resistance.

Medus Bolduc on new International
                1530 spring 1931
Spring work in 1931 with Willard Harsh on disk and Medus Bolduc on his new International 1530.

Barley Varieties

CDC Meredith  (2 row barley)  Brewing up a storm, this is a high yielding two row malting barley.  It has proven to do very well against lodging for us in a thick irrigation stand.  It is just under 3 ft tall and has a good straw strength.  It also has good resistance to stem rust and root rot.  Maturity on this variety is around 90 days. Very popular!

Metcalfe  (2 row barley)  A good high yield malting barley that is accepted by the maltsters and also does well as a feed barley.  It has good straw strength and is resistant to air born smut and common root rot. It is a medium maturing variety but is fairly resistant to lodging and doesn't seem to shell out.  We were always able to straight cut this variety.

Pea Varieties

Meadow  (yellow pea) This variety has worked very well for us in its ability to resist lodging and allowing us to straight cut it.  It is also an early maturing variety that has a powdery mildew resistant trait.  It has a nice round shaped seed that has a high resistance to seed coat breakage.  Yields are comparable to other yellow pea varieties.

Lacombe  (yellow pea) With its larger seed size, high yields and good lodging resistance this variety will most likely be a favorite for years to come.

Pluto (Green pea) Smaller seed size and doesn't seem to bleach bad.  Has a fairly strong pod and seed coat and stands up well to shelling out and mechanical damage.

Flax Varieties

Taurus   Under the right conditions this variety can produce yields that will make you smile all the way to the bin.  Besides being one of the higher yielding varieties it also has good straw strength and is fairly resistant to lodging and wind damage.  It can be easily straight cut and processes nicely. The variety combines a more digestible hull with a higher fat content.

Bravo  A new high yielding variety with short straw and good lodging resistance.

Oat Varieties

CDC SO-1  An innovative partnership between the University of Saskatchewan, seed growers, industry and the provincial government of Saskatchewan resulted in the development of this new oat variety with a nutritional profile similar to barley. 

Forage Varieties

We have access to the FP Genetics  forage seed catalog and can order any pre-made blend in and help you out with your custom mixes.


Canola Varieties

Cantara, Secan and FP Genetics  We have access to oil seed varieties from these companies and it can be in our yard for pick up shortly after ordering it.

Yellow Mustard  We also have common yellow mustard for sale as well.


Off Site Varieties

If you are looking for a specific variety that we don't have listed, please get a hold of us and chances are we can find it for you or even bring it into our site for pick up.  We also can provide bulk delivery on larger orders.

Billie Bolduc harvest crew in fall
                of 1953
Billie Bolduc harvest crew in fall of 1953.