Cleaning grain on the Travers farm 1952
Cleaning grain on MedusBolducs farm in 1952.

Seed Cleaning  The Wheatcrest Farms current seed cleaning facility was built in the early 1990's and has been running ever since.  It has gone through two major updates and retro fits to get the machines that we are currently using. The plant is licensed with the Canadian Seed Institute as an accredited facility and undergoes periodic audits for quality control by a third party auditor. At the present time we are using a vibratory conveyor that does our pre-cleaning and feeds into a Delta air and screen which is our main cleaner.  From here it then goes into a Carter Day set of stacked indents.  At this point if the grain is clean enough and meets requirements it can be shot out to our clean grain holding bins.  If further cleaning is required we then can run it over our gravity table then out.  At present both Doug and Glenn have their operators licenses and Glenn also has his Graders license and are the main operators of the facility.  We clean all of our own seed as well as custom lots for local area farmers and also for larger companies who need bulk lots cleaned.  We have a drive over pit for ease of unloading and an inspected scale on site.  We are always looking for new opportunities for our cleaning facility so please contact us today and discuss your cleaning needs with us.

Seed Treating At the present time we have a G3 seed treater and pump/metering system from Garham Seed Treating Systems to ensure that the right amount of product is applied in the best possible way.

Grain Drying We have a Phoenix grain dryer that we use in adverse crop conditions to make sure that we can get the crop off and in good storage condition.  We have a 2000 bushel wet bin and a 2000 bushel dry bin with a continuous flow dryer capacity of 500 bushels per hour.  Best results come from grain that  is 19% and under but we have dried higher moisture grains before.  If you have any cereal grains or oil seeds that need drying stop by or get a hold of us to look at getting your crop dried down.

Hauling grain on the Travers Farm 1950.

 Loading grain in to the truck  on the Travers Farm in 1950.

Snow Plowing and Towing/Recovery Throughout the year we have 2 four wheel drive tractors that can help pull you out or through most sticky situations and during the winter months we have a 14ft blade that we use for plowing snow around building sites or for oil companies.

Norris Hanna 1914
Norris Hanna with shovel helping fellow townsmen dig out after a winters storm. 

Landscaping and Dirt Work If you need any landscaping done or dirt moved around we have a Cat 242 skid steer and operator that can come out to your site and assist you.  We have three different sizes of augers for drilling holes, pallet forks for loading and unloading materials, 2 different sizes of dirt buckets.  We also have a rubber tracked Cat 308 excavator with a 28 inch bucket for trenching and digging.

Custom Big Square Baling During the spring and summer months with some time in the fall we are able to offer two big square balers to meet all of your haying and straw needs.  We have experience with most kinds of hay, timothy and alfalfas and are very knowledgeable with most kinds of straw and crop residue.
Putting up the feed for the winter.

 Medus and Floyd Bolduc putting up a stack of feed for the upcoming winter in 1938.

Cattle Feeding
We have a feedlot facility that can hand a 1000 head at any given time.  We put up barley silage and use the screenings from the cleaning operation mixed with feed barley to feed to the animals.  If you need some back grounding done or want to feed out to fat let us know and we will see what we can work out. Billie & Ethel Bolduc Wheatcrest Farms 1964
Billie and Ethel Bolduc's Wheatcrest Farms original feed yard in 1964.